about e-learning assetsOur mission is to engage, empower, and inspire the modern learner through providing high-quality visuals for e-learning creators. 

At e-Learning Assets, our team strives to research, brainstorm, create, and publish a diverse set of graphic resources for the e-learning industry. We are your one-stop shop for quick and easy access to individual characters and packages that fit your needs perfectly. We focus on meeting e-learning creators' and instructional designers' needs quickly and easily!

E-Learning Assets is committed to providing a one-stop source of eLearning cliparts, graphics, animations, and videos for those who want to create engaging, interactive online courses. We believe in the transformative power of education and strive to make the learning process more fun and engaging for everyone involved. 

We are firm believers that instructional designers and e-learning creators should have access to high-quality visuals without having to spend hours searching or breaking the bank. With our library of assets, we aim to help you create the most memorable and effective learning experiences possible!