Set up 

Have both the Character file and your file open (the one where you will put these characters to) in Storyline.

To open multiple Storyline files, locate them from File Explorer and double-click on the file name.

Setting up storyline character transfers. Open both your project file and our character storyline file. Locate them from File Explorer and double-click on the file name.

Navigating our Storyline file

There are two files in our Storyline folder:

  • Animated poses
  • Static poses
2 files in our storyline character folder: Animated and static poses.


Previewing the animations

To see how the animations would look, click on the Preview button on the Storyline ribbon. 

previewing our animated storyline character by clicking the preview button on Storyline ribbon


Finding the right pose

There are two ways to utilise Storyline's find/search function to find the pose you need: From inside the Storyline project and from the Storyline Preview.

From inside the Storyline project:
Press Ctrl + F (Find) or click on the Find/Replace button on Storyline ribbon. Type what you are looking for (i.e. Thumbs up). Click on ‘Find next” to view the next pose.
Finding specific pose from the storyline file: press Ctrl + F, and type the keyword

From the Storyline Preview:
Click on the Search icon next to the Menu, enter your keyword, and press enter.
Click on the search results.
Finding the asset from Preview using the search icon


Putting the Character into your project

When you find the poses you like, copy and paste them into your Storyline file. You can then resize the characters to suit your project.
    Do not scale the graphic more than 100% because the image will not retain its quality. If you need to scale it more than 100%, download the SVG format of the character set from our website.
    Inputting the storyline character into your project - copy paste and scale/crop as needed